Nutrition Guide

A healthy diet doesn't have to consistent of the same old tasteless meals all the time, tracking every crumb that goes into your mouth, or starving yourself!

This easy to follow Nutrition Guide is going to teach you how to give your body the nutrients that it needs by eating the healthy foods that you enjoy!

Learn to improve your health from the inside out!

This is something that I created for my 1 on 1 coaching clients to keep as a quick reference guide when they are grocery shopping and preparing meals. I get lots of questions on nutrition so I wanted to make it available for the rest of you ladies!

Here's everything you'll get with the Nutrition Guide...

  • The basic nutrition tips that I use myself and in my clients' programs.
  • Complete lists of healthy carbs, fats, animal proteins, and plant based proteins along with serving sizes.
  • Healthy substitutes for butter, cheese, milk, sugars, and artificial sweeteners.
  • Dairy free and gluten free options.
  • What you should buy organic.
  • Pre workout and post workout meal suggestions.
  • Sample meal guide that includes 6 meal suggestions and example recipes.
  • How to "build your own" smoothie bowl, nourish bowl, and salad sections.

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