3 Signs That Your Body is Begging for Healthy Changes!

health & wellness Jul 09, 2019

Is Your Body Begging for a Change?

Unfortunately, most women don't decide to make their health a priority until things get really bad! So bad that they can't do daily functions without struggling or feeling exhausted. Or even worse, end up at the doctors or hospital with a long list of diagnosis. 
I know that was true for me. I didn't take my health seriously until I hit total rock bottom!
I was struggling from constant bloating and constipation, skin issues such as eczema and acne, chronic fatigue (it was hard for me to stay up during the day), and extra weight was slowly adding up.
When doctors weren't able to help me and counting calories and macros weren't cutting it anymore, I was thankfully forced into the holistic route to get down to the root cause of my issues. This is how I was able to find freedom from them for good.
Now I am blessed to be able to help other women find freedom from their health issues in my 1 on 1 coaching program that I call Holistic Health Freedom Academy
You would be amazed if you knew how much better you could feel by making very simple lifestyle changes!
But for today I wanted to talk about a few signs to watch out for that indicate your body is begging for some healthy changes. Look at these as warning signs to start making yourself and your health a priority so you don't get as bad as I did!
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Here's what to watch for...

1. Slowly but Consistently Gaining Weight!

When the weight starts packing on but your habits are staying the same, your body is telling you something is out of balance.

There are many reasons why women can have a hard time maintaining a healthy weight such as...
  • stress
  • lack of quality sleep
  • nutrition
  • hormonal imbalances
  • gut imbalances

If it seems like you're constantly gaining weight or having a really hard time maintaining, this could be a sign that you need to make a few healthy lifestyle changes. Don't ignore it girl!


2. Lack of Energy!

Lack of energy has sadly become the "norm" but please hear me on this...IT'S NOT NORMAL!
I used to be constantly tired, even after I woke up at 1 o clock in the afternoon and I thought it was fine! But I was ignoring the signs.
Lack of energy is your body's way of telling you that your adrenals need some love and/or you need some higher quality fuel for your body...aka better food!
It is also asking you to get a handle on your stress and mindset. So give your mind and body the attention it deserves.
Make an effort to give your body lots of nutrients and your mind some relaxation. I promise your energy levels will go through the roof!


3. Bloating & Digestive Issues!

Again, something that most people think is normal but definitely is NOT!
I wish I had paid attention to these signs sooner. I was bloated constantly and I was only going to the bathroom a COUPLE TIMES A WEEK! My gut was a mess.
Not going to the bathroom leads to toxic waste staying in your system that can lead to a ton of health problems. Anytime there is issues with the gut, there will most likely also be issues with energy, skin, gaining weight, and moods.
Do not ignore the signs from your all knowing gut because it is very smart!
So you're probably thinking..."great, so now what should I do when my body is giving me these signs that something needs to change?"
Well the short answer is to make simple lifestyle changes...
  • avoid extreme/unsustainable diet and exercise habits
  • get your sleep
  • fuel your body with high quality nutritious foods
  • move your body every day
  • do healthy mindset practices
  • make healthier choices

But I know, it's a lot easier said than done! It took hours and hours of research and practice for me to find a formula that actually works and gets long term results!

So if you're confused on how to even get started with losing weight, gaining your natural energy back, and eliminating bloat and digestive issues, you're in the right place. My blog and my social media (links at bottom of page) are filled with tons of free content that you can start implementing right now!
If you need to step things up a notch and are just tired of dealing with everything I mentioned, please know that optimal health is exactly what I help my clients achieve in my 1 on 1 coaching program...Holistic Health Freedom Academy
I specialize in helping women lose weight, eliminate bloating and digestive issues, and gain their natural energy back for good!
No more crazy unsustainable diets, "magic" weight loss pills, or miserable counting calories/ points/ or macros. I'm all about creating a healthy lifestyle you love that is sustainable so that you can see results for years to come!
All you need to do is click that link and then we can see if this is a good fit for you!
Lots of love!

- Britt Nicole -





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